Welcome to my site! This is my main contact page with initial info, links and phone number.
Thanks for your interest! I am Los Angeles / Hollywood veteran Drummer and Record producer
James Robinson a/k/a "Jdrums" The "Original Internet Session Drummer" and "Internet Music Producer"
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Are you ready to achieve a level of success as an artist that you hardly dare to even dream is possible?
If you are fiercely ambitious, motivated and driven for success I am online and available right now.
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Telephone for free initial consultation or just to chat about music in general. call me anytime! J 818-414-5685
Or Email me directly or send song demo mp3's to Jdrums@hotmail.com (20meg limit per email)

For safe, secure, social networking and immediate internet communications
add me on my personal FaceBook page by clicking on my name below..
James Robinson / Jdrums

Artists and songwriters worldwide! Ready for a record deal? or simply need production assistance?
Click below for my online record label, staff of internet session musicians and production company!
Jdrums and Internet Music Production

For my live acoustic drum lab, recording studio, mixing/mastering
post-production facility and audio editing lab click below..
The Record Shack

For my Artist Management Agency, click below
Hollywood Hard Knocks Academy

I am Producer/Director, Music Supervisor and Drummer for my own local musical and performing arts
collective as well. Please feel free to click below and join or become a fan (like) to keep up to date
on very special upcoming events, musical releases and merchandise.. or to get involved in a production!

Listen to over 130 of my favorite InternetMusicProduction projects in various stages of completion
as well as see an alternative and very detailed description and menu of
Internet Music Production services at the following link
Jdrums Citizen of AcidPlanet

Still active on MySpace?
Here's an InternetMusicProduction MyspaceMusic page where you can stream a music player
with a beautiful tribute to one of my favorite Neil Young songs "Old Man" which I produced
mixed/mastered and played drums n bass on with long time InternetMusicProduction client
Jeff Dullam a/k/a Count Gilbert on guitars and vocals. My friend and legendary
Nashville session player "The Don Man" joined us on pedal steel and banjo.
There is an extremely complete and detailed description there
of an IMP record deal as well.. click below..
Internet Music Production on MySpace

Another MySpace page..
is my original page I created when I joined way back when there were less than 50,000 people total on there.
It has my own artist description and personal mission statement I wrote back then which still applies perfectly today.
If you think you might like having me in your band as a drummer make sure to read this completely and carefully.
It also contains detailed descriptions of my very special, hand crafted 'one of a kind' drum kits. click below and add me!
Jdrums Original MySpace

Make sure to pick up this valuable collectors item
while there are some left. Count Gilbert was the very first "Internet band"
in the history of music where the members completed a full length album release without
ever even meeting face to face. One of my all time favorite InternetMusicProduction releases
Count Gilbert
"Dead Man's Island"

on sale now!!
cdBaby and iTunes